Buster Elliott

Buster Elliot

Buster Elliot

About Buster

Buster is a full service, full-time Yukon, Mustang & OKC Metro Realtor who works tirelessly for his clients and that means: until the job is done. As a Broker Buster he specializes in residential home sales, commercial real estate, land development and his favorite recreational land and ranch sales. 

Buster was born and raised in Oklahoma. He loves Oklahoma and her people. Buster is a veteran of real estate industry passionately serving it for over 40 years. He has achieved numerous industry recognitions and awards. 

Shotgun shooting sports is another area where Buster excels. Sporting clays brought him a sizable amount of success including several Oklahoma State Championships.

In his own words:

“I have never been satisfied with just knowing the basics of anything I have ever done.” 
When he entered real estate industry, he made it a point to learn as much as he could.
“I have been blessed with a great life and a loving family”.

His motto:

“Get into the game, enjoy every day, take the time to teach others how to do the same.”